What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

“What do bed bugs look like?” is possibly the first and the most important question if you have the slightest doubt that your bedroom or property has been invaded by the tiny blood sucking insects. It is so because unless one knows what they are looking for or who the enemy really is, it is difficult to find a solution. Now, bed bugs are not large insects that can be easily spotted. You can still spot a baby cockroach but looking out for bed bugs can be a difficult task, especially if someone does not know what do bed bugs look like.

What Do Adult Bed Bugs Look Like

Bed bugs have mild varieties but in most geological settings, they tend to be very small, flat and oval-shaped insects. The largest bed bugs would measure less than half an inch. The color of their body may vary from brown to reddish brown to reddish. The color differences are normally associated with the amount of blood they are feeding on. Bed bugs do not have any wings and hence they cannot fly. You may be wondering how bed bugs can be all over your property. They do so by simply travelling on surfaces, via clothes, fabrics at your place and some can also be transported while you are cleaning your place. They are also very light weight hence strong winds can also float them around to a different place.

What Do Newborn Bed Bugs Look Like

Eggs of bed bugs do not have any noticeable color. They are mostly white and are the shape of a tiny grain of rice. Newborn bed bugs are often as small as one eight to one fourth of an inch. Newborn bed bugs are called nymphs. Their skin appears to be translucent and just like the adult bed bugs they do not have wings either.

Some Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed on blood to survive but even if they do not feed on blood for several weeks, they can still be alive.

Eggs of bed bugs do not need the mothers to molt and hatch. The eggs are resistive to chemicals since they are protected by the skin of the egg hence killing bed bugs may not lead to the killing of the eggs at the same time.

Bed bugs have a tiny flat body which enables them to create a neighborhood in the unlikeliest of places in your house. A spot which may not be visible to naked eye can be an ideal place for them.

Knowing what do bed bugs look like is the first step to getting rid of them.

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