How to get rid of stink bugs? Helpful instructions

Have you ever experienced stink bugs invasion? If so, you know that ‘stink’ bug is not a metaphor. They literally stink! The worst thing is that their disgusting smell usually does not disappear immediately, even after washing. The cold season is coming soon, so let’s discuss how to get rid of stink bugs.

Fortify your home

First, you make your house look like a fortress for stink bugs. They are looking for some tiny cracks that will let them in. Check if there are any cracks or holes outside your house. Usually the most common places where cracks can be found are areas around windows, doors and pipes and behind chimneys. If you have found some crack or hole, cover it up with boards or, what is even better, use a cement sealant.


The best moment to process the outside walls of your home with some chemical repellents is the middle of autumn.  Just use a special sprayer to spray the outside walls of your home and the surrounding area with cypermethrin. In fact it’s mainly used as an insecticide. Generally, 2-3 gallons of this treatment will do to get a good coverage.

If you find some invaders…

First of all, DO NOT crush them! Under any circumstances. When crushed this bug release a strong stink (stronger than usually) that is not so easy to get rid of. That is why we recommend trying to kill them or remove intact.

Vacuum cleaner is a nice solution of this problem! Vacuum cleaners can be used not only to suck dust and dirt, and cobwebs, they’re also very effective in sucking those ugly stink bugs that have already managed to get into your house. After vacuuming them, please seal the bag of the vacuum cleaner at once and throw it somewhere that’s far away enough.

Professional pest control

If there too many stink bugs and you cannot handle them yourself or you are afraid of these insects, you may need the services of a professional. A certified pest controller will completely protect your house from stink bugs. Surely, they know lots of the advanced techniques to control the stink bugs. If you choose thi option, you will not have to purchase special repellents and spray them all around your backyard. Still, this option means additional expenses. You may choose between saving money and saving your time.

Eco-friendly solutions

Now another important question: To treat your house with chemicals or not to treat? We all are talking about being planet-friendly, that is why let’s think about some less harmful natural solutions to try before trying pesticides.

Mix 32 ounces of hot water and three-quarters of a cup of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, then pour this mixture carefully into a usual spray bottle and spray the exterior walls of your house, concentrating on the above mentioned cracks, windows and doors. If you need a more powerful solution, we suggest using the anti-bacterial variety of this liquid, but please remember that this variety indeed contains additional chemicals.

You may also try an insect electrocution system. When installed in a dark attic, it will help you collect the insects that are already in your house.

These are the most basic solutions how to get rid of stink bugs. Anyway, you are always free to experiment and find a new method to protect your home from the pests.

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