Mice! Some people lose their senses when they hear this word. So many people are scared of them and disgusted at the thought of seeing or touching these creatures – let’s face it, their intrusion in the house must be a real disaster. But if it happened anyway…You should get rid of mice as soon as possible!

But don’t give way to panic! Make sure you are dealing with mice. You can hear noises within walls? Some insects and snakes may cause this noise, and to get rid of them you have to use quite different methods.

The following information will help you to identify house mice:

Small holes: When you start notice little holes or chewed edges on packages with food, it’s a bad sign that a rodent settled in your house.

Feces: Mouse feces look like small marbles, grey in color.

Sound: Scratching, gnawing in the basement, drawers or an attic, especially at night.

Smell: Because of rodents, unpleasant musty smell can appear.

So, if you got sure you are dealing with house mice, don’t hesitate to solve this problem as soon as possible. You have a choice: ask an exterminator for help or try to cope with the little invaders yourself. If you’ve chosen the last variant, here is some advice for you:

Remove Food Supply

The first and the most necessary step. Mice can find the edible food rests, grains or crumbs but they will also be satisfied with anything else suitable for their teeth. If you remove food rests, most mice are compelled to search for other places to live. Remove edible rests from cupboards and drawers. Keep cereal items in glass and plastic containers. Do not store food supplies on the floor.

Use peppermint or peppermint oil

It’s a common fact that mice can’t endure the smell of peppermint or peppermint oil. The scent is too intense for mice to stand it and they will try to avoid the place treated with peppermint. Just soak a cotton ball with two drops of the oil of peppermint at a suspected entry – doorway, cupboard or drawer. Peppermint oil masks the scent of any food rests you have missed when doing housework. You can buy this remedy in almost every health food store. Another helpful advice is to grow peppermint plants near the entryways. You can see that peppermint is not only a delicious seasoning but also a strong natural deterrent.


The scent of onions can be of some use to solve the mouse problem, as some people assure that the smell is unbearable for the rodents.


Mice sometimes find a shelter in a garage or a shed for the cold season. Place mothballs around the suspected area and mice will be forced to change their place of residence. In the house, mothballs are used as a natural deterrent for mice from storage spots.

Steel Wool

Mice manage to slip into your house in the most creative way, but once you have identified their access point, use steel wool to prevent them from entrance. Mice cannot gnaw through this material unlike wood and newspaper.

How to trap a mouse

First of all, you should get a trap. A trap is a little cage which traps the mouse inside but don’t kill it, so after you got the mouse inside, it’s still alive. So, when you let the mouse out, it can come back to your home again. There exist another kind of traps – those that kill mice, but they are not very popular and trustworthy.

Place the traps in places where they won’t bother your family members and pets. For instance, in corners, under the stairs, behind furniture.

Use peanut butter as a bait – it is an irresistible temptation for a mouse. As the peanut butter is sticky, a mouse won’t be able to steal it before setting off a trap.

If you can’t stand the thought you have to get rid of mice yourself, call a professional exterminator to get rid of rodents for you. And don’t hesitate! Remember  that mice are a health hazard.

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