How to eliminate ants?

How to eliminate ants that infest the house and garden?

The ant itself is certainly not a dangerous insect, but its presence at home or outside is inevitably annoying and problematic. The infestations generally coincide with the arrival of the hot season, but it is not to be excluded that they occur in the middle of winter. What is certain, regardless of when it happens, is that the problem must be solved promptly and as soon as it occurs, if only to prevent the infestation from reaching even more alarming levels. The first thing we need to do to eliminate ants is to find out where they come from. This can be done either by following the trail, where it exists, or by watching a couple of ants for a while and following their movements: the colonies are usually engaged in a constant comings and goings between the anthill and the infested area, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the source of the infestation and take cover to eradicate all the insects.

Fossil meal to eliminate ants: does it work?

Only once we understand what the headquarters of the ants actually are will we be able to get going and find the best solution at our disposal. The insecticide generally available on the market is able to solve the problem immediately, but its use requires many precautions: first of all it is toxic, so inhaling it could be very dangerous, and in addition, even after some time from the application, it is potentially harmful for children and for our four-legged friends. Better to use something less invasive and perhaps natural, then, so as to protect the health of tenants without unnecessarily endangering it. The first solution that we intend to propose to you in this sense requires the use of kieselguhr for food use, to be spread in areas of the house or outside that seem to you more frequented by ants. This powder is abrasive and at the same time absorbent: when the ant comes into contact with it, the wax coating that protects the body of the insect will be immediately damaged and the ant will die, slowly, from dehydration.

Water and white vinegar to eradicate the ant colony

White vinegar, as well as kieselguhr for food use, is also a marvel when it comes to eliminating ants. Simply prepare a mixture using water and vinegar in equal parts and pour it into a spray bottle, to see for yourself how effective is what has always been considered one of the most valuable allies in household cleaning. The solution should be sprayed on the access points of the house such as, for example, skirting boards, balconies and windows, but it can also be sprayed directly onto the ant colony itself. It will take a few hours to completely exterminate them, but it should be noted that the treatment should be repeated at least once a week, especially during the hot season.

Water and dishwashing detergent to protect risk areas

There is yet another solution, quick and cheap, that you can take into consideration when you need to eliminate the ants that have invaded our house or the external space adjacent to it. This time we will use a common detergent for the dishes that we will combine – also in this case in equal parts – with water, inside a bottle equipped with a special dispenser. The solution will have to be sprayed on ants or, if necessary, on hypothetically endangered areas, but also on outdoor furniture and plants. It will serve to discourage the invasion of insects and to protect, consequently, both the house and the external surfaces. This solution, mind you, does not damage the plants in any way, so do not be afraid to spray it on them.

Talc and adhesive traps to prevent ant invasion

The fourth solution is really low cost but rather effective. It foresees the use, this time, of a generous dose of talc to be spread in all possible access points of the house. If it is an apartment in a condominium we will spread it on the window sills and on the edge of the balconies, while if you live in a detached house it will be necessary to spread it along the entire perimeter of the house, to have the absolute certainty that the ants will stay away. However, this remedy is purely preventive, in the sense that the talc barrier will serve to prevent new insects from sneaking into the house. Those that have already managed to penetrate will instead have to be eliminated differently, perhaps opting for one of the solutions illustrated above. Finally, always for preventive purposes, it is possible to evaluate the idea of buying adhesive traps to be placed where colonies, not only ants, tend to concentrate. They are useful for ants but also for spiders, cockroaches, mites and other non-flying pests.

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