How the cloud is solving the most vexing problems for e-commerce companies?

How the cloud is solving the most vexing problems for e-commerce companies?

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Nearly 50% of retailers agreed that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption in ecommerce. (Source: Host Court)

Cloud computing has become a perfect stimulus for many e-commerce businesses across the globe due to the various high-performance advantages it offers. This is how cloud computing services tackle the most vexing problems for today’s e-commerce businesses and give them a competitive advantage.

Problems commonly faced by e-commerce companies today:

There are many challenges facing a modern eCommerce business. The good news is that most of these challenges or obstacles can be easily addressed with the cloud. Rapidly evolving demand, unpredictable market situations and trends, pressing need to scale up and down, site performance issues, security concerns, etc. are some of the core issues that eCommerce businesses are experiencing right now.

  • Earn customer trust and loyalty: As with any other business model, people are more likely to buy from an eCommerce store if they trust the brand or company. An eCommerce business that fails to instill trust in the minds of its target audience and customers is pretty much dead. App failure or site failure affects user experience, eventually leading to loss of trust.
  • Management of multiple systems: Several technical aspects go into building an ecommerce site, a journey, and a top-notch experience. This includes the quality of the website, its speed, the security of financial transactions (payment gateways), the security of customer data (data protection/data privacy) and more. Today’s consumers expect more from online businesses in terms of convenience and security. Now this puts a lot of pressure on eCommerce business owners to focus more on the technical aspects of running an online store and this includes data privacy, server issues, security issues, dynamic IP address etc. This can lead to a subpar customer experience on the site.
  • Lack of collaboration between departments.: Collaboration is the key. Lack of cooperation between various departments in an e-commerce business can lead to discrepancies in inventory, delivery, supply chain, payment processing, security, data management, and more.
  • Issues with customization: Without the correct customer information, it is almost impossible for an eCommerce store to provide personalized user experiences to its customers. Failing to track and collect customer data such as purchase history, purchase patterns, website navigation, etc. makes it difficult to deliver customized and personalized shopping experiences.

How are cloud computing services helping e-commerce companies overcome these challenges?

  • Unified systems management: Instead of spending resources like manpower, cost, and time to address the technical issues that occur when running an online store, investing in cloud-based solutions can help alleviate stress. In addition to hosting an eCommerce website, a trusted cloud computing service provider will provide support for server or bandwidth issues, security issues, data privacy, and much more. This means that e-commerce business owners do not have to deal with issues related to the site, the security of customer data, the security of payments, etc.
  • Trust Building: It takes time for an eCommerce brand or website to gain the trust of its audience. However, with cloud-based solutions, this can be achieved in less time. By showing your visitors or potential customers that your e-commerce site is powered by cloud-based technology from a reputable company like Salesforce, Amazon, or Google, you reassure your customers about the trustworthiness and security of shopping on your e-store. Eureka! Customer loyalty and trust.
  • Business Intelligence: a modern day cloud based ecommerce platform or solution provides intelligent information related to customers. This will help you make better decisions to retain customers, spot trends on the fly, and generate revenue. This data will go a long way in helping your eCommerce business deliver highly personalized and seamless customer experiences.
  • Collaboration: Cloud technology facilitates seamless collaboration. People from various departments and levels can share and store information securely.

Moving to the cloud is a big step for an eCommerce business to gain a competitive advantage while addressing all of the challenges and obstacles mentioned above.


In recent years, the cloud has become an indispensable solution for a growing number of e-commerce companies around the world to achieve competitive advantage, substantial growth, and deliver personalized experiences to their consumers. In fact, the cloud has become an integral part of digital transformation for many online businesses in recent years.

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