Futurism unlocks the future of a connected world at MWC Barcelona 2023

Futurism unlocks the future of a connected world at MWC Barcelona 2023

Futurism Technologies is pleased to announce its participation in the MWC Barcelona 2023, also known as Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023. As one of the most important technology events in the world, Team Futurism is pleased to help companies discover the future of a world connected.

The event, which will take place from February 27 to March 2 at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, ​​will bring together more than 80,000 attendees from more than 200 countries/territories, more than 500 industries and more than 2,000 exhibitors. Futurism Technologies is pleased to showcase its cutting-edge digital transformation (DX) and business intelligence solutions powered by AI, IoT, mobility, blockchain, cybersecurity, RPA and more at MWC Barcelona 2023.

Futurism at MWC Barcelona 2023: Driving Digital Transformation

With the return of Futurism Technologies to MWC Barcelona 2023, the company reinforces its commitment to unlock the future of a connected world and drive digital transformation. Our DX leadership team will be on hand to help you explore the latest developments in the industry, discuss future trends and network with colleagues and potential partners at MWC Barcelona 2023.

“For more than 20 years, Futurism has been helping organizations of all sizes adopt advanced technologies like AI. IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), data analysis, product engineering and many more. We are proud to return to MWC Barcelona 2023 with a mission to help businesses unlock the power of the connected world in today’s digital-first age. »

Mr. Sheetal Pansare, President and Global CEO of Futurism Technologies.

Futurism Technologies has developed robust solutions in the following areas: IoT, AI, Blockchain, RPA, Mobile Security and Digital Everything. Attendees can expect to learn more about these solutions and services and interact with experts at the event.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At Futurism, we offer a perfect blend of proven, data-driven AI methodologies and technology expertise to steer your AI journey to success. Our AI services are tailored to enhance the customer experience while reducing operational expenses by more than 50%. Come witness the transformative power of our AI experts and data scientists as they help businesses unlock the most valuable data. Visit Team Futurism at MWC Barcelona 2023 to see how our AI solutions leverage proven, data-centric methodologies to steer AI journeys in the right direction.

  • Deep learning and machine learning
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Virtual Assistant/Personalized Chatbot
  • Knowledge virtualization
  • cognitive automation
  • predictive analytics
  • visual computing

IoT (Internet of things)

The IoT suite includes scalable solutions and products designed to help businesses usher in the era of a hyper-connected, data-driven world. Our complete suite of IoT development solutions and services is designed to help create new revenue streams, reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies, and maximize ROI. Meet our IoT expert at MWC Barcelona 2023 to learn more about our offerings and see first-hand how our solutions can transform your business.

  • IoT Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • IoT Design/Build Services
  • IoT security, including IoMT security
  • IoT Strategy and Advice
  • IoT cloud services
  • Smart Factory, Smart Warehouse, etc.
  • Remote asset management, tracking and tracking

block chain

Blockchain development services provide customized and sustainable solutions that deliver maximum ROI and business value. Achieve over 45% reduction in IT infrastructure related costs with our market-ready Blockchain development services. Our custom and sustainable Blockchain solutions are designed to deliver exceptional business value and maximum ROI. Designed to meet real-world business challenges, our market-leading Blockchain solutions are the answer to your needs. Come meet our Blockchain expert at MWC Barcelona 2023 to explore the endless possibilities.

  • Blockchain as a service
  • Blockchain Design, Development and Consulting
  • Development of the blockchain framework
  • Cryptocurrency exchange development
  • Development of cryptocurrency portfolios
  • Smart contract audits
  • ICO and cryptocurrency development

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Comprehensive suite of modern-age robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that can help innovative businesses automate their routine, repetitive, and intricate processes. Our end-to-end RPA solutions comprise consulting, implementation, and support, designed to meet your unique needs. With our RPA solutions, companies can significantly reduce processing costs, up to 75%. Explore the best RPA solutions helping forward-thinking organizations automate routine, repetitive and complex processes at MWC Barcelona 2023.

  • RPA application development
  • RPA advice and consultancy
  • Design, testing and deployment
  • RPA security management
  • RPA Business Case Analysis
  • organizational enablement
  • Custom RPA solutions
  • RPA governance, maintenance and support

Cybersecurity (EndPoint Security)

Best-in-class mobile and endpoint security solution leveraging IBM Maas360 and IBM Watson AI to protect all mission-critical endpoints and connected devices, including mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. Discover the best managed mobile device management (MDM) and unified endpoint management (UEM) service leveraging industry-leading threat intelligence and technology. Join Team Futurism at MWC Barcelona 2023 and meet our cybersecurity specialist for more detailed information.

  • Mobile Security Index
  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Mobile Security Index
  • Mobile device management (IBM MaaS360)
  • Device location tracking and remote security
  • AI-powered threat intelligence (IBM Watson AI and X-Force)

all digital

The Digital Everything suite offers customized digital solutions designed to put customers at the center of everything organizations do. At the core of our services are custom digital solutions including UI/UX, digital marketing and branding, eCommerce development, app development services and more that put your clients’ needs first. Our Digital Everything approach enables organizations to deliver personalized experiences to both customers and employees. Our team of DX experts will be available at MWC Barcelona 2023 to collaborate with you in creating a personalized digital roadmap for your organization.

  • Digital marketing and brand
  • Customer Experience (CX) and UI/UX
  • E-commerce (Diginyze)
  • Mobility
  • Data Analysis/Data Science
  • Product engineering
  • Cloud Computing


Futurism Technologies has been a leading DX consulting and advisory partner for over 20 years, helping organizations around the world unlock the true power of digital. With development centers and offices spread across North America, Europe, Asia, the Gulf and Australia, we have successfully helped organizations adopt cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, Blockchain, RPA, IoT, 5G, Cybersecurity, Data Science. / Big data and more.

We are excited to unlock the future of a connected world at MWC Barcelona 2023. With advanced DX solutions, we will demonstrate our commitment to helping organizations adopt cutting-edge technologies that improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and boost ROI.

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