Futurism to Elevate MSP Business Community at MSP Expo 2022

Futurism to Elevate MSP Business Community at MSP Expo 2022

technologies of futurism is excited to be a part of MSP Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 21-24, 2022. MSP Expo is one of the leading networking and conference events for MSPs, channel/reseller executives, service providers, and technology solution providers to share business knowledge and help each other grow.

Team Futurism stands ready to provide industry leading tools, resources and solutions to guide and empower the MSP community and partner network. We invite all valued business entities and MSPs from around the world to explore our new MSP Partner Program aimed at empowering the MSP community.

Mr. Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies

Today’s MSPs face multiple challenges when it comes to protecting their customer data and creating a security posture. At MSP Expo, Futurism will help MSPs meet these challenges with its proprietary suite of Managed Security Acceleration Services suite designed to meet the diverse needs of MSPs.

“Most importantly, our MSP Partner Program will enable MSPs to directly sell and support their customers. The Partner Program is designed to help MSPs generate new and recurring revenue streams, double the value of their business, grow their network, and serve their customers better than ever before. »

added Mr. Pansare

Futurism Managed Security Services Association Program

As a proud and leading global security solutions partner of IBM and validated by more than 100 MSPs, Futurism is uniquely positioned to help MSPs deliver industry-leading IBM Threat Intelligence technology right into the heart of their clients’ security infrastructure in a cost-iterative and self-funded manner.

MSP Partner Program Benefits

  • Partners can offer a security service (such as MSP+ MSSP)
  • They may retain ownership of the license.
  • Offers can be white labeled
  • Receive discounts and offers to resell
  • Enjoy a predictable cost model
  • Zero additional resources and hardware expenses

Managed security service offerings that are part of our MSP Partner Program:

1. ‘Eagle Eye Futurism’ (SIEM): Advanced Threat Protection Service Powered by IBM QRadar Advisor

eagle eye futurism‘, an advanced threat protection service offering powered by IBM QRadar Advisor (SIEM) and IBM Watson AI. ‘Futurism Eagle Eye’ helps implement the right layers of security capabilities to provide robust 24/7 protection against sophisticated threats, including new ransomware streams, targeted phishing, and multi-pronged attack vectors. Built on the three basic foundations: people, process and technology, ‘Futurism Eagle Eye’ helps leverage a zero-trust security model to strengthen your company’s security and IT posture using IBM QRadar Advisor and threat intelligence feeds from IBM X-Force and IBM Watson AI.

2. ‘Futurism EndPoint Secure’: MDM/UEM service powered by IBM MaaS360 and Watson AI

Futurism EndPoint Secure‘ is a UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) service offering managed by IBM Watson AI and IBM MaaS360. ‘EndPoint Secure’ helps you leverage a Zero Trust Framework using Watson AI and MaaS360 to bring together a combination of capabilities and security elements that help manage endpoint policies for all your critical endpoints, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, IoT devices, apps, and more. It offers unified endpoint management capability along with AI-powered threat intelligence, real-time security insights, and context-based security insights on the fly.

3. ‘Secure Access of Futurism’: Identity and access management service powered by IBM Verify Access

Futurism Secure access‘ is an identity and access management (IAM) managed service powered by IBM Verify Access. ‘Secure-Access’ helps a company adopt ‘identity’ as the heart of a Zero Trust maturity model to deliver a secure and seamless experience for all users. It provides a powerful, modular, and intelligent IAM approach that leverages data-driven threat intelligence to provide risk-based multi-factor authentication, AI-powered intelligent access policies, hybrid IAM, and strong identity federation.

4. ‘Futurism Data-Protect’: data protection and supervision service powered by IBM Guardium

Futurism Data Protection‘ is a database protection and monitoring service managed with IBM Guardium technology. ‘Data-Protect’ uses a Zero Trust data protection approach to provide a powerful and proactive data protection framework that helps companies transform their approach to protecting critical business data. Provides security strategy and maturity across people, process, and technology along with data loss prevention.

We support and help enterprises and MSPs improve margins and customer satisfaction levels with our industry-leading, proprietary cybersecurity solutions. At MSP Expo 2022, Futurism will showcase its full suite of Managed Security Acceleration Services, including Managed SIEM services, Managed MDM/UEM Endpoint Security Services, Managed Data Protection and Monitoring Services, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) services, all powered by IBM Threat Intelligence.

Our cybersecurity experts will be happy to provide one-on-one demos of our security solutions aimed at helping the MSP community generate a recurring revenue stream and grow their business.

To book a quick meeting or FREE demo, visit https://www.futurismtechnologies.com/MSPExpo-2022/

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