Futurism sets out to tackle the biggest security challenges at the RSA Conference 2022

Futurism sets out to tackle the biggest security challenges at the RSA Conference 2022

Futurism is excited to return to the RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco, CA, the world’s largest flagship cybersecurity event attracting over 50,000 attendees and top technology leaders and companies from all major verticals.

technologies of futurism is proud to be a part of the 2022 RSA Conference taking place in San Francisco, CA June 6-9, 2022. This year, the RSA Conference allows you to be onsite in San Francisco, CA, as well as online/digital.

RSA Conference 2022 is where the world of cybersecurity comes together. Join us for four incredible days of information and conversation and explore our security solutions as we set out to tackle some of the biggest security challenges facing businesses around the world.

As attackers continue to use advanced hacking tactics to access your data combined with the rapidly growing network of connected devices (IoT devices) and mobile phones (remote devices), the need for a strong security team has never been more apparent. To prevent these cyberattacks, businesses today need a powerful security strategy to protect their data, devices, and users in the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services (Zero Trust Framework) enables enterprises to harden their security infrastructure by helping them adopt a Zero Trust Maturity Model in a cost-iterative manner, which in turn helps eliminate implicit trust and achieve faster ROI. Regardless of the user, access methods, location and status of the user, security becomes a top priority with Futurism’s Zero Trust Security service.

Futurism brings best-in-class security solutions to the forefront at RSAC 2022

Futurism partners with IBM to provide the right mix of security. We offer the right layers and set of security resources/skills and technology to deliver uncompromised security using a Zero Trust maturity model. Futurism, a leading and trusted IBM global security solutions partner, helps businesses adopt industry-leading IBM security tools and technology such as IBM QRadar (SIEM), IBM Watson AI (Advanced Threat Intelligence), IBM X-Force, IBM Verify Access, IBM MaaS360 and IBM Guardium and more with our flagship cybersecurity solutions.

Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services: What’s In It For You?

Our flagship cybersecurity service offerings:

1. ‘Eagle Eye Futurism’ (IBM QRadar SIEM)

Advanced threat protection service powered by IBM QRadar (SIEM) and IBM Watson AI,’eagle eye futurism‘ Provides the right layers of security features to offer up-to-date protection against sophisticated threats, including new ransomware streams and multi-pronged attacks. ‘Eagle Eye’ helps leverage a Zero Trust security framework to help strengthen your security posture using IBM QRadar, IBM Watson AI and X-Force technology.

2. Futurism EndPoint Secure (IBM MaaS360)

Endpoint security and mobile device management managed service powered by IBM MaaS360. ‘Futurism EndPoint Secure‘ helps you leverage a zero-trust security model using the powerful IBM MaaS360 to manage endpoint policies and security threats for all mission-critical endpoints, including tablets, mobile phones, handheld devices, desktops, and connected devices (IoT) delivering enhanced visibility and control over all devices and data across the entire threat landscape.

3. Futurism Secure Access (IBM Verify Access)

Fully managed Identity & Access Management (IAM) services powered by IBM Verify Access. ‘Futurism Secure access‘ helps to adopt ‘identity’ as the core of a Zero Trust Security framework for effective identity and access management. It offers both a modular and data-centric (AI-powered) approach to IAM to help decide who will access what and how through a powerful combination of risk-based authentication and AI-driven access policies.

4. Futuristic Data Protection (IBM Guardium)

Database protection and supervision service managed with IBM Guardium technology, ‘Futurism Data Protection‘ Delivers robust data security and monitoring for critical data and assets using a zero-trust maturity model. Centralized and intuitive database monitoring services to help you identify, track and monitor unauthorized access, data theft, etc. in the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Today’s security teams need a powerful cybersecurity plan and tools to thwart coming-of-age attacks. Unfortunately, most companies lack the budget, resources, and access to the necessary tools and technology when it comes to cybersecurity.

In addition, many organizations endure the problems of:

  • Small and Overburdened IT Team
  • Communication gap between Board members and IT team
  • Lack of understanding of security at the Board level
  • Unpatched business applications, systems and networks
  • Unsecured mobile and connected (IoT) devices

Futurism is coming to the RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco, CA to address these and many other issues or problem areas facing businesses in terms of cybersecurity in an effort to help reduce business risks and costs from cyberattacks and breaches.

Join Team Futurism for four days of incredible conversations, insights and all things cybersecurity and see how we help businesses stay ahead of threats with our best-in-class managed security acceleration services.

For more information on the RSA Conference 2022, please visit: https://www.futurismtechnologies.com/rsa-conference-2022/

For more information on our managed security acceleration services, please visit: https://www.futurismtechnologies.com/solutions/zero-trust-managed-security-acceleration-services/

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