Futurism in GISEC: Bringing zero-trust security to multi-environment IT

Futurism in GISEC: Bringing zero-trust security to multi-environment IT

Businesses today are faced with multi-cloud environments, ever-evolving cyber threats, and a lack of visibility that renders the traditional, old-school, perimeter-based security model insufficient. Securing access has become increasingly complex, particularly in a hybrid work environment where everyone is considered an insider. Futurism arrives at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai to unravel cutting-edge Zero Trust security solutions to help organizations protect their hybrid and multi-IT infrastructure and environment.

To stay resilient in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, where attackers are devising advanced and sophisticated attack tactics, organizations and security experts must adopt a Zero Trust security model. However, implementing Zero Trust policies can be challenging, especially in mixed IT environments, and there is a risk of negatively impacting productivity and user experience. In this blog, we delve into why Zero Trust is the need of the hour for enterprises to secure a multi-environment and hybrid IT infrastructure. He will also discuss the best approach to implement zero trust and the key requirements and benefits of zero trust to ensure its success and thwart attackers, not users.

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Today, businesses are faced with an increasing number of cloud-based endpoints, devices, and applications/networks. With this growing complexity comes a greater need for effective security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent breaches. Enter Zero Trust Security – a security model that has gained immense popularity in recent years, especially in multi-environment IT setups. Get in touch with our security experts and Digital Transformation (DX) leadership team to explore the Zero Trust Security approach at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai.

What is zero trust security?

Zero Trust is a security model that operates on the principle of « never trust, always verify ». In other words, Zero Trust aims to simplify risk and threat management by removing implicit trust. Under this model, no device or user has access to a network or application without first being fully authenticated and authorized. This approach differs from traditional security models, which generally assume that everything within a network is already trusted and only focuses on defending against external threats.

A Zero Trust Security model operates on the assumption that any device or user could be a potential threat and requires ongoing monitoring and verification of all users, devices, and applications. This approach is particularly crucial in multi-environment IT setups where data is stored across multiple clouds, networks, and devices.

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Zero Trust Security Benefits for IT in Multiple Environments

  • Better protection against insider threats: With Zero Trust Security, every device and user is treated as a potential threat. This insider threat detection The approach helps companies detect and prevent insider threats, which are quite prevalent and a major risk factor in multi-environment IT setups.
  • Improved visibility and control: Zero Trust Security enables enterprises to monitor and control access to sensitive data in real time across all mission-critical endpoints. This approach makes it easy to quickly identify and address endpoint security threats, reducing the risk of data breaches. Meet our team at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai to see how our endpoint security solution Backed by a robust Zero Trust framework, it offers optimal visibility and control over all your devices and mission-critical business data.
  • reduced attack surface: Zero Trust Security reduces the attack surface by limiting access to sensitive data and applications to only those devices and users that are verified. A Zero Trust-based identity and access management solution makes it more difficult for attackers to gain unauthorized or illicit access to critical systems and data.
  • improved compliance: Regulatory compliance is a critical concern for businesses operating in multi-environment IT configurations. Zero Trust Security helps businesses comply with various regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, by providing better visibility and control over data access. Meet our security leadership team at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai to explore our surveillance and data protection services which uses a Zero Trust approach to help organizations protect their most critical data against new age data threats and attacks.

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  • data privacy: Maintaining the privacy of customer data is paramount to a brand’s reputation. Establishing privacy is essential to building trust and loyalty among customers. Today, organizations operate in diverse and distributed ecosystems and therefore ensuring security must be a primary concern, and Zero Trust is the most appropriate approach. Assuming no source can be trusted, every device, connection, and user undergoes rigorous verification.
  • Protection against credential stuffing: Hackers exploit a security vulnerability called credential stuffing to infiltrate user accounts on web infrastructures and networks by using stolen user credentials. This not only damages a company’s reputation and leads to lost revenue, but also damages customer trust. That’s why businesses require additional protection, and the best defense strategy against identity and privileged access attacks is Zero Trust. Your employees’ business accounts serve as gateways to your company’s data vaults, and their credentials serve as keys to those vaults. Unfortunately, humans aren’t particularly adept at keeping these keys secure, leaving the door open for hackers to gain access. this is where Futurism Secure access It comes very well. Futurism Secure-Access is a fully managed identity and access management (IAM) service offering powered by the Zero Trust Security framework that enables enterprises to achieve full control over access management.
  • Security for remote work: As remote work becomes more prevalent, new security threats emerge and maintaining a cohesive business ecosystem becomes more challenging than ever. With employees accessing critical data, applications and networks from a variety of devices and sources, from remote locations, vulnerabilities and security challenges are more prevalent than ever. Adopting a zero-trust security approach can help companies prevent security breaches resulting from password reuse, user phishing, and credential theft. By replacing standard password protection techniques, which are often exploited in phishing schemes, with a Zero Trust framework, companies can improve user privacy and enhance security measures. Zero Trust is especially effective in protecting remote work environments, providing real-time security information and context across all security domains. Feel free to visit our security experts at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai and don’t forget to request a virtual tour of our C-SOC (SOC 2 Type II Certification).

Zero Trust Security Implementation in Multi-Environment IT

Deploying Zero Trust Security in multi-environment IT configurations requires a structured approach that involves several key steps:

Identify sensitive data and applications: Businesses must identify the data and applications that require protection and prioritize them accordingly.

Implement strong authentication: Strong authentication mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO), must be implemented to ensure that only verified users and devices can access sensitive apps and data.

Implement micro-segmentation: Micro-segmentation involves dividing a network into smaller segments and limiting access to each segment based on user role and data sensitivity. This approach makes it difficult for attackers to move laterally within a network.

monitor and analyze: Zero Trust Security requires continuous monitoring and analysis of network activity to quickly detect and respond to security threats. Our security experts will be happy to discuss the various Zero Trust Security deployment options for your organization at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai.


In today’s complex, multi-environment IT setups, businesses must adopt a security model that offers better visibility, control, and protection against both internal and external threats. Zero Trust Security offers a promising approach that can help companies achieve these goals. By implementing strong authentication, advanced threat detection, micro-segmentation and continuous monitoring, companies can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and improve compliance with regulatory standards.

With our Zero Trust Acceleration Services, you can secure your hybrid and multi-cloud investments effectively. This will establish a new balance of policies, controls, configurations, governance, and automation across your entire IT environment, IT workloads/assets, network infrastructure, users, and data. Our team of SOC engineers, analysts, and security experts can help you identify, categorize, and prioritize all of your IT assets. This will help establish the proper access control and protection layers needed to safeguard your multi-IT infrastructure.

Visit our security experts at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai (March 14-16) to explore our strong and proven expertise in Zero Trust cybersecurity.

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