Futurism: Empowering MSPs at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2022

Futurism: Empowering MSPs at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2022

technologies of futurism is pleased to return to Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2022, the world’s largest channel event taking place at the Venetian Convention & Expo Center in Las Vegas, April 11-14, 2022.

Channel Partners Conference & Expo has been the undisputed leading technology event and platform to foster relationships, showcase the best solutions and stay up to date with the latest trends. We at Futurism are thrilled to build and cherish business partnerships at the world’s largest independent channel partner technology expo for MSPs, Value Added Resellers (VARs), Agents, Integrators and Consultants.

As a proud and leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner, we invite all valued MSPs and Channel Futures companies around the world to explore and become industry leaders for IBM Watson, IBM QRadar, IBM MaaS360 and other top-tier IBM security service resellers. We take this opportunity to empower channel partners with our white label cybersecurity solutions. Seeing the importance and need for cyber expertise, intelligence, and platform in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, we continue to partner with resellers and MSPs to help them augment the cybersecurity infrastructure for their clients and help them emerge as cyber-resilient and threat-hunting organizations.

said Mr. Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies.

Bringing cybersecurity to the fore at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2022

We are excited to bring our Managed Security Acceleration Services at the forefront at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2022 to help empower our customers and partners by helping them explore advanced and coming-of-age capabilities and possibilities in the cybersecurity landscape. We welcome this opportunity to offer our MSP Partner Program by networking and engaging with the global channel community and helping them create new opportunities and revenue streams.

If you look at our MSP Partner Program, it’s hard to resist:

Futurism MSP Partner Program Benefits

  • Partners can offer a security service offering (such as MSP+ MSSP)
  • Partners can retain ownership of the license
  • Partners can white label security offerings
  • Best discounts and offers to resell
  • Predictable cost model
  • No additional resources or hardware investment

Connect with our top cybersecurity experts and engineers to learn how our industry-leading cybersecurity solutions enable MSPs and channel partners to outperform and grow in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape through our MSP Partner Program.

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Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services

We partner with IBM to help organizations safely navigate their digital journey. As a proud IBM Global Security Solutions Partner, Futurism has been helping companies around the world adopt industry-leading IBM security technology and tools such as IBM Watson (Advanced Threat Intelligence), IBM QRadar (SIEM), IBM Verify Access (IAM), IBM MaaS360 (MDM/UEM), IBM Guardium (Data Protection), IBM X-Force and more.

“As threat actors continue to leverage advanced and sophisticated attack tactics, including multi-pronged attack tactics combined with a lack of certified security resources/skills and the growing problem of insider threats, it is time for enterprises to take notice of the Zero Trust Security Maturity Model idea.”

added Mr. Sheetal Pansare”, CEO of Futurism Technologies.

Futurism’s managed security acceleration services aim to extend our Zero Trust expertise developed in efforts with IBM to help enterprises accelerate their journey to a Zero Trust security maturity model. With Zero Trust, Futurism aims to simplify the arduous task of risk management by removing the implicit concept of trust. Regardless of the situation, the user, the access method, or the user’s location, security is at the heart of our Zero Trust security framework.

Futurism Eagle Eye (SIEM) – Powered by IBM QRadar Advisor

eagle eye futurism‘ is an advanced threat protection service powered by IBM QRadar Advisor (SIEM) and IBM Watson. Futurism Eagle Eye helps you implement the right layers of security to offer up-to-date protection against advanced threats, including multi-directional attacks and new types of ransomware. Built on three key foundations: people, process and technology, ‘Futurism Eagle Eye’ helps you implement a Zero Trust security framework to strengthen your IT and security posture using IBM QRadar and threat intelligence feeds from IBM Watson and IBM X-Force.

Futurism EndPoint Secure: MDM/UEM powered by IBM MaaS360 and Watson

Futurism EndPoint Secure‘ is an MDM (Mobile Device Management) and UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) service offering managed by IBM MaaS360 and IBM Watson AI. ‘Futurism EndPoint Secure’ leverages a Zero Trust Security model using IBM Watson AI and IBM MaaS360 to bring together a variety of security elements and capabilities to help manage connected devices, apps, content and provides a unified endpoint manageability with AI-powered threat intelligence and Watson insights, real-time reporting and context-based security analytics on the fly.

Futurism Secure-Access powered by IBM Verify Access

Futurism Secure access‘ is a managed identity and access management service powered by IBM Verify Access. ‘Secure-Access Futurism’ helps companies adopt ‘identity’ as the core of a Zero Trust Security model to provide a seamless and secure experience for every user. ‘Futurism Secure-Access’ provides a powerful, intelligent and modular identity and access management approach that uses data-driven threat insights and intelligence to deliver strong risk-based multi-factor authentication, AI-powered access policies, intelligent and hybrid identity and access management and powerful identity federation.

Futurism data protection service powered by IBM Guardium

Futurism Data Protection‘ is a managed database protection service powered by IBM Guardium. ‘Futurism Data-Protect’ uses a Zero Trust approach to provide a robust and proactive security framework that helps companies rethink their approach to protecting critical business data. Delivers enhanced security maturity and strategy across people, processes, and technology. Data loss prevention and security. Quick repair and incident response. Intelligent data threat analysis powered by IBM.

Connect with our cybersecurity expert at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2022 to see how Futurism is helping MSPs and channel partners around the world unlock new and returning revenue streams and grow exponentially.

We’d love to connect with all of the channel and MSP team members at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2022 in Las Vegas and help them grow as a trusted MSSP for their clients.

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More about our Managed Cybersecurity Services here: https://www.futurismtechnologies.com/services/cyber-security/

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