Environmental Sanitization

Room sanitization was something only insiders knew about, like our pest control company. Today, however, this concept and this type of treatment is increasingly present.

What is a sanitation? It is a sanitising treatment that aims to eliminate all forms of bacteria and viruses. In a dramatic moment like the one Italy and the whole world is experiencing, it is important to follow the hygiene rules established by the WHO, World Health Organization.

In addition to personal hygiene, which is always fundamental, it is advisable to sanitize all those environments such as workplaces or shops, where a large number of people are usually concentrated.

Keeping all surfaces sanitised and clean is one way to eliminate the virus from these surfaces and prevent it from attacking the human body.

Disinfection and sanitization of environments infected with Corona Virus

According to a recent study the Corona Virus strain can remain in the air and especially on solid surfaces for several days.

It was also found to be very vulnerable to detergents based on bleach, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Obviously, environmental sanitizations carried out by professionals have a higher margin of success than DIY ones.

Sanitizing Environments with Ozone

One of the most widely adopted methods for the sanitization of environments is certainly the natural ozone gas. It deeply cleans all surfaces and penetrates inside the fabrics, so that the sanitization is really complete.

Our pest control company in Venice also carries out the service of sanitizing environments, in particular workplaces and shops.

How to Apply for Sanitization

For more information on the methods and costs of the sanitization service you just need to contact us through the phone number or by filling out the form. You will speak directly with one of our technicians who will provide you with the necessary information.

The battle we are living against the Coronavirus will be long and not easy, but with everyone’s contribution we will be able to get out of it. Even the single person can make the difference, taking all the precautions and measures reiterated several times by our government.

The commitment of everyone, citizens and companies like ours, to limit the contagion and defeat this treacherous enemy once and for all. Let us do this together and win this battle.

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