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Why Do Civilizations Fall?
By Gopi Krishna
An essay adapted from an interview by Gene Kieffer,
in Kashmir, India, 1983

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It is foolish thing to take credit for a matter over which we have no control. We never created this intelligence. It is given to us. This body is granted to us. So, while we have no control over the body or knowledge of the brain, we are still ready to take credit for any discovery we make. It is for this reason that I say in every book I have written that whatever I say is not from me but from a power above and beyond. I am merely the instrument. In that sense we all are instruments of a higher power.

We have now to see to what extent it is beneficial for us, with all the knowledge of what has happened in the past, with the knowledge of history, with knowledge of the earth's resources, it is for us to see how this or that new invention is beneficial for us and when it can be harmful. We have not to proceed blindly.

First of all, we should have known that if we cease to exercise our brain we stagnate, and then we fall. Therefore, any instrument or invention, or any aid, which extensively interferes in our own exercise of the brain, or eliminates that exercise, is injurious in the long run.

Religious scriptures everywhere say there is a tempter who is the devil, or who is Mara, or who is Maya, etc. This tempter is of our own mind when it does not discriminate between what is right and what is wrong, what is beneficial and what is harmful.


As I have said, the human brain has already reached a state of evolution where the unification of humanity is essential. If our political leaders, our scholars, or our editors, are not able to understand or grasp this idea, it means our brains are lacking in one of its most important processes. If we do not unite-if we continue to have rivalry, competition, and wars-we will destroy ourselves.

The intellect that is not able understand that a weapon has been devised that makes it imperative for humanity to eliminate war is not fit for the 20th Century.

Man is evolving; the brain is evolving, and we have to cooperate with this evolution. All revelation and religious teaching has come to give us this broad outline of evolution and the way we can cooperate with it. The matter stands explained. Otherwise there is no reason why there should be Revelation except that the God of this almighty universe is particularly interested in the human race and has no other work to do.

Take the volume of a child's marble from the center of the sun-only that tiny amount of matter from the sun, kept two hundred miles from the surface of the earth-would not only destroy all life but would melt mountains and dry up all the oceans. This is the power of the Almighty, and there are more than three hundred billion suns in our galaxy alone. Such a terrific creation could never be possible of itself.

We know of existence by our mind. If we are not alive, no one can know of any existence. Existence, the word itself, the idea, springs from the mind. There can be no existence without a mind. The very idea comes from the mind.

When we say that it can exist even when we are no more, when there is no mind, we are projecting our mind into the future, it is mind again. It is mind which begets the very idea of existence. This idea of existence is in the mind-I am. Since existence and mind are inseparable, there can be no existence without a mind.


Those who say it is matter don't have the depth to understand that mind and existence are inseparable. When you think that existence can be without a mind you are projecting your mind again. In other words, there can be no existence without a mind.

It is the mind which is at the base of all creation. It is intelligence. The universe is intelligence. What you see is intelligence manifesting itself as the universe. This is the crux of the Vedanta and Shiva philosophy.
It is Shiva intelligence, delightful intelligence, which is manifested as the universe or Brahman which is again intelligence manifested as the universe. The ocean, stones, the mountains, ourselves, all is intelligence, all is alive with life.

This creation is not so simple as many of the university professors believe it to be, especially those who are specialists. In Germany, where I visited, they are starting to call them specialized fools. This is what the professors themselves told me, that in the classrooms they are often heckled.

They were talking among themselves and laughing about it. I said to them, "What are you laughing at?" They said now the students are calling their professors specialized fools. The term is deserved because it represents a state of stagnation.

What is demanded now is progressive knowledge of the universe. At this time to say that the universe is composed of matter, when they know that even the concept of matter springs fron the mind, is just foolishness.

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