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Why Do Civilizations Fall?
By Gopi Krishna
An essay adapted from an interview by Gene Kieffer,
in Kashmir, India, 1983

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This is what nature has done with us. It has provided us with everything in the animal kingdom and in the plant kingdom. Everything is provided, medicines, plants, our clothing, our food, horses to carry us, cows to furnish us with milk, factories for everything we might need. But it has left one window unfinished. And that window is the diseases, the snakes, the reptiles, the flies, the bacteria, etc.

Why? For man to exercise his intellect to complete this one window in order for him to live a happy life. If this unfinished window were not left, man would stagnate. On what would he develop his intelligence? On what would he develop his science?


It is because he is goaded by want, by disease, vermins, germs, by viruses, that he is doing his utmost to live in comfort and to have all the facilities and amenities which otherwise he would not have.

You can now compare what he has, what mineral wealth, what plant wealth, what animals, fish, birds, and what wonder and vigor he has in his own body-his health, his brain, his digestion, his comfort. He has everything except one unfinished window, and with all his resources he is not able to complete it.

This is the plan of nature. It is an all-wise intelligence that has built the world. If there were perfection, there woulld be nothing left for man to evolve. He would stagnate, and in his present state of mind he would even use all the luxuries to degenerate himself. For that reason nature has left a few loopholes for him to plug which he is not able to do.

Man has himself to blame for his faults because he is not able to understand that this creation and all he sees around is provided for him by nature for his progress, stage by stage, step by step, until he reaches the stature of Godhood and is able to live for perhaps even hundreds of years, with all the blessings that earth can provide.

It is because some people are over-ambitious, too full of greed, too lustful, that they stand in the way of progress of the race as a whole. It is not that nature has denied man opportunities, or placed him in difficulties. He has everything. He has strength of the body, healthy intellect, and all the resources- whether of minerals, plants, or animals-of which he can make himself akin.

But if he is not able to achieve that objective, it is because his own lust and passion, and his own indolence, stand in the way of his reaching the target which nature has prescribed for him.


Nature is not to blame. It is the scholars who fail to understand this plan of nature. They cannot understand it until they explore themselves, unless they know the secret of the brain. Once they do, everything will be clear to them like an open book. That is why there are so many things which man needs in order to exert his intelligence.

If there were not these faults, flaws, and lacks, he would just idle away his time and stagnate. Nature wants him to exert himself. By providing all amenities, including computers, we are at present digging our own grave.

Who has found the still hidden secrets of nature in the human brain? Do we even know what our brain is and how it functions? If we do not know how it functions, how it is repaired, how it is maintained, and if we do not know where the flashes of genius come from, we have no right to say that the the brain is a finished article. We are simply using it without knowing anything about it.

So it is nature again which has made us perfect and which has allowed us to reach a state of intelligence where great inventions, discoveries, and control of other forces have become possible. This was never possible for the paleolithic or the neolithic man. It is only the modern human being, with a much more evolved brain, who has been able to do it.

We take care of ourselves which is our ego. Otherwise the credit goes to the body, to our brain, over which we have no control. How do we claim this credit when we know nothing about our brain? We just eat our food and sleep like every animal. How is the food distributed? How is our body maintained? How are we able to fight diseases? How are we able to keep our brain sane and sound? We know nothing about it. It is done by the body, by some other force.

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