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Why Do Civilizations Fall?
By Gopi Krishna
An essay adapted from an interview by Gene Kieffer,
in Kashmir, India, 1983

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First of all, we should have known that if we cease to exercise our brain we stagnate, and then we fall.

We are quite aware of what happened to civilizations of the past. We know that they rose, had a period of ascendancy and then fell. But why did they fall? Scholars have no correct knowledge of those facts. They ascribe them often to some other factors than the true ones.

The real reason for the fall of civilizations, kings, dynastic rulers, and nobles is that luxury, over abundance, and excessive wealth are fatal for the evolution of the brain. One who knows that he has enough to last for generations does not exert himself to conserve his resources as does one who has to meet his urgent needs.

Secondly, one who has over abundant wealth sometimes gives free rein to his own passions, desires, appetites, and the rest, so that he dissipates his energy and falls.

With this lesson of history before their eyes, the scientists in particular, and the scholars in general, should have known what were the right roles for humanity to adopt relative to the powers and forces discovered by science.

They should have known to what extent we could use the earth's resources for the purpose of human control, considering the fact that the human race is expected to stay on earth for even millons of years more. They should not have depleted the resources of the earth only to satisfy the comforts or ambitions of human beings.


The time has arrived when in order to guide the race, a man or woman should be polymath, a master in all branches of science, in art and philosophy. That is very difficult for a normal ntellect, however intelligent he might be, but it is very easy for a completely evolved individual in whom Kundalini is awake.

It is possible in the future that we will have polymaths who have command not only of the sciences, philosophy, and the arts, but of all the languages of the earth. Only since we are not aware of this potential in human beings, and what nature has already provided for the progress of man, we continue to limit our intelligence with what has already happened in the past. Otherwise, the human mind has the capacity to exhibit intelligence and genius a hundred-fold more than what is the case at present.

The human mind can produce prodigies of a kind that would stagger the world. We can have a little insight into this when we study the mathematical prodigies or child prodigies who have command over music, or mathematics, or art, or chess, which is not possible for the experts in those fields.

Combine a few prodigies together -a prodigy in science, one in mathematics, another in philosophy- and you have the future leaders of mankind. The only way to avert wars and to plant mankind on the real path to progress, progress which includes development of the higher faculties in human beings, it is absolutely necessary to have enlightened human beings as heads of state-leading scientists, scholars, and philosophers.

The present day mind, however learned and intelligent it may be, will not be able to meet the needs of the race as the days pass by. He or she will not be able to command the confidence of all the people. We need prodigies who can instill awe and reverence in the minds of the younger generations, and the population as a whole. And the time is coming when those people will appear on the arena of the earth.


Once the mechanism of Kundalini is known, the profits that can accrue from it-the benefits which it confirms, the glory which it begs, the peace and happiness which it can grant-millions of people, especially the intellectuals, will try their utmost to arouse the Power so as to lead the leaders in every sphere of human thought and activity.

It is not a Utopian dream but a stern reality. Humanity has reached a state of evolution where only these prodigies will be able to guide her destiny--to correct the diet, the habits, and the appetites of the people.

The birds in the air, the animals in the forest, have no medicines to keep themselves in fine condition. Nature has already provided every safeguard for human beings to lead a healthy life. If they were to know what nature demands of them, they would understand why there are diseases, why there are dangerous reptiles, why there are scorpions, why there are flies, why there are bacteria, etc.

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