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About the Kundalini Paradigm
The kundalini paradigm hypothesizes that the operation of a psycho-somatic evolutionary mechanism in the human frame, sometimes called kundalini, is responsible for genius, creative expression, psychical perception, inspiration, and other paranormal phenomena, when its workings are benign, and insanity when the mechanism goes awry.

All systems of Yoga are based on the observation that living bodies owe their existence to the agency of an extremely subtle substance pervading the universe and designated as Prana, which is the cause of all organic phenomena. Prana --known in various cultures as chi, vital life, bio-energy, orgone, astral light, manas, spereima, the breath of life, and the holy spirit-- is not matter, nor is it mind or intelligence or consciousness, but rather an inseparable part of the cosmic energy or Shakti which resides in all of them and is the driving force behind all cosmic phenomenon, as force in matter and vitality in living organisms.

Carl F. F. von Weizsacker, the eminent physicist, has written that the concept of prana is compatible with present-day physics. Pointing out that prana is spatially extended and vitalizing, Weizsacker compares this "moving potency" to the "probability amplitude" of quantum theory. (please see Carl F. F. von Weizsacker's introduction to The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius, by Gopi Krishna, New York & London, Harper and Row, 1971: 42-3.)

Kundalini, a Sanskrit term meaning "coiled up," is the evolutionary potency of Prana. The term kundalini designates a force which is normally latent or dormant, but which can be activated by spiritual disciplines and made to act like a spring when it is released.

In the individual human being, Prana is thought to be concentrated in the sex-energy as a biochemical essence composed of the subtlest elements, existing as radiation on a subatomic level. According to the kundalini paradigm, the reproductive system also functions as the evolutionary mechanism. By "the arousal of kundalini" is meant the reversal of the reproductive system, as a fine stream of nerve-energy is sublimated and transmitted up the cerebrol-spinal system, irradiating the brain.

The kundalini paradigm also states that the evolutionary transformation can be duplicated and verified, in the same manner as any scientific demonstration. The procedures and conditions are elaborated in the sacred literature of every culture, and include all forms of yoga and meditation that attempt to harmoniously develop the whole personality --the physical, mental, ethical, aesthetic, and spiritual.

"By each of these disciplines," says Plato in The Republic (VII:527e), "a certain organ of the soul is both purified and reanimated which is blinded and buried by studies of another kind; an organ better worth saving than ten thousand eyes, since Truth is perceived by it alone."

The purpose of the Kundalini Research Foundation is to encourage the scientific investigation of "these disciplines" and of the ensuing evolutionary transformation of consciousness. This is an important step in the development of a unifying world view that is capable of guiding humanity to a more healthy, peaceful, and prosperous future.

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