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On Mystical Experience, Drugs,
And the Evolutionary Process

An Interview with Gopi Krishna
Excerpted from The Awakening of Kundalini

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Do you experience this higher state of consciousness only in your periods of meditation?

t is now a constant feature of my consciousness. I had the original awakening of Kundalini energy at the age of thirty-four.

When did it become a permanent feature?

It was variable for many years, painful, obsessive, even phantasmic. I have passed through almost all the stages of different, mediumistic, psychotic, and other types of mind; for some time I was hovering between sanity and insanity. I was writing in many languages, some of which I never knew. I was unable to meet with people, and was in a state of depression. I have passed through these stages, and then slowly my condition stabilized, till I had the first impression that something extraordinary had happened in me in the year 1949.

After that, I fluctuated for some time due to physical reasons. I had some attacks of illness when I could not properly look after myself. Soon after, however, I became stable in this present state of consciousness. The wonder is that it is still expanding, still developing, still becoming more and more beautiful and alluring. And it is this, my own experience, which has taught me that Kundalini is at the basis of genius, insanity, neurosis, prodigies, and other extraordinary states of mind.

You say it is still changing, so you don't really know the ultimate that might be achieved.

There is no ultimate in human progress. It is unfortunate that man's ego makes him believe that there is nothing above him in mind or consciousness. Actually, he is still at a very low state of evolution. He will have to evolve for hundreds of thousands of years with all the resources which science has placed at his command. Perhaps then he may be able to come in touch with the total reality behind the universe. Religious teaching does not stand to reason, that this is perhaps why the custodians of organized faiths do not allow reason to penetrate it, why everybody has to take their teachings on faith. I am trying to sweep away these cobwebs and to place spiritual science on a true footing, a science as logical, as consistent, and as demonstrable as any other science.

How are you going to do this?

Every altered state of consciousness has a corresponding biological change in the body. Hence mystical experience must also be reflected in the body and the brain. I am trying to devise experiments by which the action of Kundalini, or this psychosomatic force which leads to higher states of consciousness, can be measured.

There are many scientists who are working with refined electronic equipment to measure biological changes that attend psychological phenomena. Is this parallel to what you are talking about?

They do not know the cause. The cause is the reversal of the reproductive system. The cause is the activity of the reproductive system turned upward. Once they accept this proposition, even the changes in the reproductive system can confirm what I say, and these changes are not confined only to mystics. They can be observed even in the insane, even in men of genius, in mediums, and in prodigies. So it is not only in one thing that what I say will be verified, but in a number of factors and in many classes of men. So a confirmation is inevitable.

Now you have established the Kundalini Research Institute here in Kashmir, and I understand that you are proceeding with some research, especially in the ancient books.

I am trying to prove by documentary research that what I am saying about the biological reactions caused by an awakened Kundalini was already known for thousands of years and is clearly mentioned in ancient books.

If it is already in the ancient documents, why haven't the Sanskrit scholars, who have delved into them so minutely, already substantiated this?

In some cases this information is expressed in cryptic language, and in other cases it is mentioned in such a veiled way that few people have understood it.

Professor Mircea Eliade, of the University of Chicago, spent a great deal of time in India, delving into the ancient Sanskrit documents. His book, Yoga, Immortality and Freedom, is considered a classic. He must have come across these passages.

Yes, he even referred to some of them--not about genius--about the sexual energy going tip, but without understanding the implications. There are so many factors affecting it. One is that I had the experience myself. Another is that the destined time had come.

This is a strange word to us, because very few people take it seriously. I mean that there is such a thing as destiny.

When we look at the causal world it is rigidly bound by cause and effect. But when we reach a higher dimension of consciousness we find that the rigid walls of matter melt. Space and time lose their rigidity, and there is a mingling of the past, the present, and the future. Looking at the whole thing from this point of view, what we think about the universe--the laws, the effect and cause--is a product of our own consciousness. In out dimension of consciousness, the world is not illusory. It is real. But in the next higher state of consciousness it loses its solidity. It is because of this fact that I am persuaded to say that a law, which you can call destiny, rules everything that happens in the universe. We can say that we are both free and bound at the same time. It is a paradox, but that paradox is created by the intellect.

So destiny has decided that man should begin to understand the nature of his own existence?

If you glance backward in history, You will find that all great discoveries and all flashes of intuition came in succession at their proper time. One followed the other. We have reached the limit of intellect and already we have in our hands a dreadful weapon that is the nuclear bomb. On the other side, in the psychological realm, we are still groping in the dusk. And perhaps we have not even reached the stage where the ancient Yoga-adepts had reached in India. So it is just to balance the opposite poles that this knowledge is absolutely necessary in this age.

You mean we've raced ahead intellectually and have reached a barrier beyond which we would be foolish to go unless wisdom comes to our aid?

We have already been foolish in neglecting the spiritual side altogether during the last three centuries. The people who now take to spiritual disciplines are often not of the highest intellect. All people of talent devote themselves to various professions, to studies, to occupations, to technology, to science, to philosophy, to art, and they make their names in that.

There are very few intellectuals who devoted their attention to religion. The spiritual side has been neglected. This has been a fatal blunder. The world is threatened with a disaster and everybody is nonplused. The men of science are condemning the politicians. Some scholars think that it is the mistake of technologists. There is a lopsided development of intellect and vested interests. There are only a few people who take a planetary view, who are able to judge that even a slight error can plunge the whole of humanity into disaster.

Then you feel that the scientific investigation of consciousness--or Kundalini--would be a very sensible approach to bringing about the balance that is necessary?

It would open a new field of investigation before science and also confer validity on spiritual experience. It will influence all the spheres of human activity and harmonize the whole of mankind. In the course of years--when large numbers of people take to these practices, and they have learned the various methods of controlling their physiological reactions--there will be a crop of supermen in the race. These men will be extraordinary from every point of view. The usual time of the awakening of Kundalini is between the thirtieth and fortieth year. So if this is the time through which man becomes mature, then the period of enjoyment will be almost double. I am confident that when the laws about Kundalini are known, the life span of man will increase to as much as 150 years, out of which the greater part will be for his enjoyment and for the exercise of all his facilities.

These supermen will be prodigies of the highest order. They will have command of all the premier languages of the world and will be able to write in verse and prose in all of them. They will have command of all the sciences, and in that condition will be able to guide even the highest specialists. It is the intuitive flashes of these giants of intellect that will yield further clues in the investigation of the phenomena of nature.

The top-most men and women among them will be the heads of states, the greatest scientists, the mathematician, the teachers, artists, and musicians. They will be so gifted and so talented that they will be able to guide humanity in the atomic and post-atomic age. They will have known the evolutionary target set for man. And also the best means to approach it. They will introduce such reforms and have such social and political structures as allow everyone to have a chance to a higher state of consciousness. They will agree on a one-world state. Together they will devise the overall laws for the unity and progress of mankind.

Without this the future will be very gloomy--if mankind is still ruled by patriotic dictators and distorted men of letters and science. The men and women who will guide mankind will partake of the mental characteristics of a Buddha or a Christ. That is, their aim will not be to grab power or to take undue advantage of their position, but their whole life and energy will be devoted to service. They will take pleasure from it, and they will be very contented if they find others reaching to the same heights of consciousness.

I believe that within the next thirty years the law concerning Kundalini will be established and accepted by science, and regular institutions will be open for the practices and disciplines under competent psychologists and scientists who will study the changes that occur on awakening. When this is done, it will be an easy task for people to practice these disciplines and gain access to higher regions of consciousness. The number may be small at first, but it will swell into hundreds and thousands in the course of a few decades.

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