The Way to Self-Knowledge

The Way to Self-Knowledge, Pandit Gopi Krishna’s final book, first published in 1984, is confirmation of a rare phenomenon in history during the last, at least, 5000 years — a phenomenon on which the current faiths of humankind are based, that is, Revelation, or the direct communication of Perennial Wisdom through a mortal brain, by a Superhuman Source of Knowledge, for guidance at a critical period of time.

Written in rhyming verse in less than three weeks, beyond the ordinary human ability, this is a guidebook for the creation of world peace for hundreds of years. What does this Revelation tell us about the true path aligned for us by nature, and how to get back on the path and avert the present crisis?

Read excerpts from the Preface:

This Book is aimed to make it clear
That the existing two pursuits
Of wealth and power we must forswear,
As both are hence forbidden fruits;
And mankind must begin the ascent,
Free of the faults that block her way,
To reach the glowing firmament
Of Life-Divine without delay.
The self-awareness of the soul,
To know her own divinity
Denotes the purpose and the goal
Of human life, as it should be.
A new World-Order must emerge
That has no room for rivalry,
Where all attention would converge
On friendship, love and harmony.
The arsenals built by the urge
To power, by lust, ambition, greed,
Nature will soon use as the purge
To cure these current ills with speed.
This awful Drama shall reveal
How marvelously nature works,
And how in all with which we deal,
Her hand behind the curtain lurks.
This gifted book will leave no doubt
That all we do is preordained,
And knowledge of what comes about,
Before it happens can be gained.

© 1984 by Gopi Krishna

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