Signs and Characteristics of Enlightenment

The Scientific Investigation of Kundalini – the Biological Mechanism Behind Human Evolution

Enlightenment, or samadhi, the transcendental state of consciousness, experienced in the form of ecstasy by prophets and mystics, does not signify a special favor from God but only a more extended dimension of the perceptual faculty towards which mankind is irresistibly evolving. Seen in this light, prophets of the world’s religions have been prototypes of the future human, and  religious scriptures are a harvest of the revelations received from a higher Intelligence in this state of exalted being.

Investigation into Kundalini, therefore, goes far beyond anything currently underway or proposed by scholars in other fields of consciousness research. By penetrating to the very roots of consciousness, the research will attempt to unravel the mysterious world of intuition, creativity and evolution, and by doing so seek to uncover the source from which all knowledge, science, art and philosophy has sprung, namely, genius.

The world at this time stands in desperate need of geniuses, especially political geniuses who could bring in line the existing systems of politics with the needs of millions of fast-evolving human beings.

In jurisprudence, geniuses are needed to revise the outmoded, cumbersome systems dating from the Romans. In science, in healing, and in social science, geniuses are needed to remedy the present imbalances and plant society firmly on the path to the sublime state which is its destined evolutionary goal. Kundalini research would be based on the premise that there is a potentiality in the human brain, not merely a spiritual but an organic potentiality as well which, when actualized, can alter the state of the mirror through which average men and women perceive the image of the universe. With this alteration, the whole aspect of creation is changed and a new horizon opens.

It is only in this state of transformed consciousness that the real nature of the mind stands revealed, and the conclusion becomes clear that the cosmic image, presented by our senses, is not a reality in itself, but a reflection of the mind. And this reflection can vary with alterations in the state or dimension of the mind itself.

Signs and Characteristics of Enlightenment for Investigation

1.  Divine inspiration — revelation from a Superior Intelligence, from an Infinite Source of Wisdom — in a language impossible to duplicate by ordinary human ability.

2. Urdhava-retas — the upward flow of the reproductive apparatus to supply a new and more potent form of bio-energy to the paranormal chamber in the brain , attended by expansion of consciousness, ecstatic states and verifiable biological metamorphosis of the brain.

3. Luminosity, radiancy in thought and imagination, resulting from the flood of light into the brain, bathing the entire area of the mind both within and without.

4. Exemplary in self-perfection and ideals of behavior — the Golden Rule, the Sermon on the Mount, the Middle Path — purity, honesty, compassion, love, peace, humility, service.

5.  Experience of unity with an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Ocean of Intelligence, the One in All and the All in One, merging of the knower and the known.

6.  Experience of deathlessness, perception of the immortal nature of consciousness replacing the intellect’s understanding of finite human existence limited by the mind and senses.

7.  Perception of sublimity, nobility, majesty, surpassing glory, awe, wisdom absolute, order, grandeur, grace, beauty, melody, harmony, splendor, unbounded joy, providence, mercy, consciousness of a Cosmic Intelligence as the Source of All.

Read a fuller discussion, transcribed from a meeting with Gopi Krishna in Nishat, in the vale of Kashmir in the Himalayas in 1976: Signs and Characteristics of Enlightenment