Authentic Kundalini Yoga

By Pandit Gopi Krishna

BETHEL PUBLISHERS releases the new edition of Pandit Gopi Krishna’s Secrets of Kundalini in Panchastavi, rescuing secret teachings out of print for 35 years.

Imagine discovering a book covered in the dust of a thousand years, and once translated, finding that it contains the enigmatic verses of a solitary pilgrim who had reached inner illumination, the peace that passeth understanding, the Holy Grail, the summum bonum of human life. Which translator would be able to bring to life the words from an ancient language, with references strange to our ears, and their meaning hidden by the veil between the world as we know it and a vast, unfamiliar frontier claiming to hold the secrets to our true nature?  Why would its 20th century translator consider it a book so important that it could steer the course of human history away from self-destruction?

Written in Sanskrit, the language of the sacred texts of India, the work of translating the 146 verses of Panchastavi would require more than Champollion’s genius for languages.  It would require the inner eye of one endowed with the consciousness capable of recognizing the elevated terrain. Some ten centuries after their composition, translating the verses into English and explaining their meaning became the work of a retired civil servant in India whose daily meditation practice and dedication to noble traits of character had, by 1937, unlocked the very secrets of Kundalini he would later find described in Panchastavi, a pentad of devotional hymns addressed to the Goddess rescuing souls held captive by the body, the senses and the mind.

In meticulous detail, Pandit Gopi Krishna lays the groundwork to grasp the significance of the verses with five chapters accompanying his 1976 translation of Panchastavi. He writes that the eleventh century work “has been cited as a source book by several eminent scholars of Kashmir. Its authorship is shrouded in mystery, but there can be no doubt that it is the inspired composition of a yogi who had reached the highest stage of realization.” The Sanskrit verses, which are included in the text, are translated into English with notes deciphering their hidden meanings, while the accompanying chapters decode mystical experience for modern science.

We learn that the knowledge revealed in the Sanskrit verses demonstrates that the author experienced firsthand the awakening of a dormant energy in the body resulting in a radically altered activity of the brain whereby knowledge of the world of consciousness can be gained. “Tried methods of introspection, developed in the course of thousands of years, especially in India and Egypt, allowed the ancient adepts to gain a deeper insight into the working of consciousness and a better grasp of the energy systems feeding it.”

Kundalini, the Super-Energy governing the brain’s prodigious leap to transcendental levels of consciousness, to the supreme vision of Reality, known as Samadhi or Turiya, was likened to a mother, the Mother Goddess in Panchastavi, life giving, nurturing, loving, all-powerful. “The entrancing splendor of the vision is so soul-captivating that the ravished mind, instead of running now after the temptations of earth – power, possessions or wealth, remains centered in a more alluring object than the most enticing one tasted before.”

Two spiritual geniuses, both from Kashmir, the fountainhead of the sacred teachings for which India has been renowned since the Vedas, have joined together across the centuries with the same message. “It is only this staggering encounter that can purge the mind of man of evil passions, ego and pride and raise it to that state of perception where, for the first time, the glory of consciousness as a self-existing, eternal entity, the bedrock of creation and the imperishable Mirror in which all the Universe is reflected, swims into the ken of man.”

With the keys in hand, the starting point for modern science is clear. Decipher the store of secret, or sacred, knowledge covered in the dust of centuries while using proven methods of introspection to awaken the dormant center in the brain. This is the next revolution in thought, the frontier calling us forward, to gain knowledge of the deeper mysteries of the brain and consciousness in time to avert nuclear catastrophe.

Gopi Krishna died on July 31, 1984 at the age of 81, leaving a legacy of more than fifteen published works on the subject of Kundalini, the Super-Energy, its divine organ of perception lying dormant in the human brain, and the dawn of a new science that will revolutionize every sphere of human endeavor. Out of print in its Sanskrit edition for 35 years, Secrets of Kundalini in Panchastavi is now available in a leather-bound edition designed to last for generations. For more information, please contact Gene Kieffer at To order, visit

February 2010