The Kundalini Research Foundation was founded in 1971 by Pandit Gopi Krishna and Mr. Gene Kieffer to encourage the scientific investigation of yoga and its disciplines leading to the evolutionary transformation of human consciousness known as Turiya, Samadhi, Illumination and Enlightenment. The resulting science will make it possible to verify nature’s laws of human evolution, cultivate balanced genius and creativity, heal the divisions between religions, outlaw war, and unite humanity in a healthy, peaceful and prosperous future for all.

About Gopi Krishna

Gopi Krishna (1903-1984) was born to parents of Kashmiri Brahmins and resided for most of his life in the valley of Kashmir. At the age of seventeen, having failed the entrance examination to college, he dedicated himself to a discipline of regular meditation and strict adherence to an exemplary code of behavior. He secured a post in the Department of Public Works of the State, married and raised a family. In 1937, he underwent his first experience of the forceful awakening of Kundalini, which he later narrated in his autobiography. In 1946 he founded a social organization dedicated to abolishing the dowry system and the strictures against the remarriage of widows.

With the 1967 publication in India of his autobiography, Kundalini–The Evolutionary Energy in Man (currently available under the title Living With Kundalini), and its subsequent release in Great Britain and the United States, the Western world was introduced to the mechanism by which ordinary human consciousness can be transformed into the state of perennial superconsciousness. In the last seventeen years of his life, Gopi Krishna traveled in Europe and North America, presenting his theories to scientists and scholars, and outlining the scientific experiments that would be needed to confirm his ideas.

Gopi Krishna’s experiences and examination of the ancient traditions around the world led him to hypothesize that there is a super-intelligent mechanism in the human body, known as Kundalini in the Indian tradition, which is responsible for genius, mystical experience, creativity, psychic abilities, the moral sense and aberrant mental states. He concluded that Kundalini is the evolutionary mechanism of the human race, and pointed to deteriorating world conditions as the outcome of our ignorance of the laws governing this mechanism. His autobiography and sixteen other published works are credited with generating a steadily growing interest in Kundalini, consciousness and the evolution of the brain. See alsohttp://www.icrcanada.org/gopikrishna.html

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About Gene Kieffer

After graduating from the University of Iowa School of Journalism, Gene Kieffer began his professional career at The Des Moines Register and later started an advertising-public relations agency.  In 1969, he opened an office in New York City, and the following year met Gopi Krishna.  At Gopi Krishna’s request, Mr. Kieffer established The Kundalini Research Foundation, Ltd. for the express purpose of making known to the public the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information on Kundalini available anywhere.  Gopi Krishna and Mr. Kieffer worked together as associates on this mission until the former’s death in 1984 at the age of 81.  The vast amount of information given out by Gopi Krishna can be obtained from www.kundaliniresearch.org and also through its affiliate in Canada, the Institute for Consciousness Research at www.icrcanada.org.